Compressors manufactured and distributed by FTI International are engineered to operate with a range of Industrial gases at low-vibration levels. These compressors are reliable,  durable, efficient and available in configurations to suit a variety of industrial applications, including low pressures and high capacity requirements.
Reciprocating Compressors
Our compact, lubricated and non-lubricated, heavy-duty, horizontally opposed, multistage, reciprocating compressors use interchangeable components between compressor models wherever possible. Our engineering team of experts have used modular design principles to maximize the availability of parts and minimize your operation's downtime.
Bareshaft Compressors
FTI International Group Inc.’s bareshaft compressors are available to qualified packagers. We will also assemble complete compressor packages to meet customer specifications. All manufacturing is done in our manufacturing facilities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. All finished products are thoroughly tested before shipment, guaranteeing trouble free start-up and customer satisfaction.
FTI International’s compressors are feature-rich, designed to meet the highest quality standards, and engineered for easy implementation and maintenance:
  • Vibration-free operation is achieved through the horizontally opposed, balanced design.
  • Proven simple design for reliable operation and easy service.
  • Standard components throughout the range of models, requiring minimum number of part inventories for service.
  • Efficient and economical: every compressor is sized and designed to suit each application, without compromise.
  • All piston rods and all material ratings follow API and ASME standards..
  • Power frame up to 1000 HP
  • Suction pressure up t0 100 barg/1500 psig
  • Discharge pressure up to 500 barg/7250 psig
  • Flow rate up to 5000 Nm3/h/3100 SCFM
  • Direct drive and belt drive configurations available.
  • Please contact us to get the quote.