Compressor Systems

With years of experience, FTI International Group Inc. offers a range of durable, high-performance, robust bareshaft compressors that are assembled in complete compressor packages. Designed by our engineers, these compressors reliably operate in any environmental condition. All FTI compressors operate over a wide range of inlet conditions and flow rates and are available in lubricated or non-lubricated configurations.
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Fueling Systems

FTI International’s CNG, LNG, H2, and HCNG dispensers combine a futuristic exterior with the latest in fueling technology, to meet and exceed the fueling requirements of modern commercial fueling stations. Engineered with safety and usability in mind, FTI International’s dispensers are available in a variety of styles including the Affinity, Classic, and Short cabinet configurations.
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Priority Panels

FTI CNG priority panels and hydrogen priority panels provide CNG and hydrogen flow control for CNG and hydrogen refueling technology applications. They are designed to direct the flow of CNG/H2 from the compressor to on-site storage banks.
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CNG Master Meter

The FTI CNG Master Meter is a portable device used to calibrate natural gas dispensers. It is linked between the CNG dispenser and vehicle, and enables you to calibrate your natural dispenser to measure the volume of natural gas flowing from the dispenser to vehicles accurately. Running a few fills will supply enough data to recalibrate the dispenser.
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Fueling Posts

FTI International fueling posts are free-standing, high-profile type with high hose outlets, available in single or dual-hose configurations suitable for time-fill or non-metered fueling purposes.
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And more......

More products are available in FTI International. Please contact us for detail.